Time is ticking.

Even though it is the dead of Winter, we at WLBC know that the time is ticking.  Every day is one day closer to Spring. To another year of amazing local and regional food, another opportunity to plant seeds that will feed and nourish soil, animal, and soul.

The ticking of time means a lot to WLBC this year, as this blog post shows.  We are racing to finish a host of improvements for our members, to better serve them and the farmers we represent and the community we are trying to reach.

So if you are dropping by, you are seeing our part of those improvements – a new, more interactive public website, so you can get to know WLBC a little better, and see why many feel we are one of the best options for sourcing real, local sustainable foods.

We hope you will join us in our mission to change our world one weekly meal at a time.


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