Some of us dream of three acres of land, to keep small animals, raise food for our families, have a little space to breathe and be.  Let the goods loose.  Listen to the birds and bees.  Plant some fruit trees.

But you need to be careful, or you may end up like the Yoders, going from three to thirty to now three hundred acres!  And because of support from groups like WLBC, it didn’t take that long for this hard working farm family to achieve a sustainable, significant size farming business.  In under a decade, they have been able to expand to be a force for agricultural and culinary good across two states.

Jolly Barnyard started in 2009 with the Yoders wanting to become a more self-sustaining and skilled family.  With a three-acre backyard (what a back yard!), they began to raise and grow their own food, vegetable, fruit, and animal!

Desire and hard work met opportunity, and the Yoders soon moved to a much larger, 38-acre farm.  As demand for their products continued to increase, they made a final move just over the KY/TN border to a 300+ acre farm which is now hopefully their permanent farmstead.

The Yoders seek to care for the soil, livestock, and farm supporters, wanting all three groups to thrive under their care.

“Samuel and I are both 40. We are excited to make a difference in the health of humans, animals, and the soil. Being involved in our customers’ lives, to see who they are, seeing their need for fellowship and healthy foods is very encouraging to all of us at Jolly Barnyard. As we put to practice to have a healthy product for our committee we are also greatly encouraged to see how the soils are building up because of our rotational grazing management.”

And this week marks the beginning of our seasonal pastured poultry, with whole chickens provided by Jolly Barnyard and the Yoder family.