Some great ways to learn more about the food and other goods available to you through the Club are to

  1. stop by during pickup hours, and
  2. browse our club database of products.

The Club is located at 412 E. Oak Street in the Shelby Park neighborhood just off of I-65.  Street parking is available in front.

Normal pick-up hours are Fridays from Noon until 6:30pm and Saturdays from 9am until Noon. (Hours may change for major holidays). During normal pick-up hours you will see cars parked along the street with people coming and going, often with coolers on wheels.

If you know someone who is a current member, you can arrange to meet them at the club to be shown around.  Or, you can stop in and see is a staff member is available to show you around.  If no one is available, you are welcome to introduce yourself and browse on your own.

A large number of non-perishable items and bulk goods are kept “in stock” at the club for members to obtain each week.  Also, each week members pick up (or have delivered to certain areas) pre-ordered fresh produce, milk, eggs, and baked goods.  Orders for these items are placed online via our club ordering website/database each week.  Different items have different ordering deadlines during the week so that farmers and producers have time to fulfill the orders.

Every club member has an account that allows them to use the online ordering system.  As a guest, you may log into the system and browse the available items.  Below is information to log in:
username: beourguest
password: 2014wlbcguest
(note: if another person is using the guest login, you may need to try again later!)


At the top left you will see a drop-down menu listing various ordering sources.


Select any source, and then “Order” to browse the items available from that source.  There is also a product search feature at the top left where you can search for specific items.

Some of the sources are available to order each week are:

  • MRM Dairy- includes eggs and fresh dairy products such as milk and cream
  • The Pantry- includes a majority of items that are available “in stock” in the room.
  • The Meat Locker- includes frozen meat items that are available in the freezers, subcategorized by brand and/or type.
  • Kitchen Sink- items in this category are handcrafted by club members or other local artisans. Items include things such as water kefir, hummus, soup, and more.
  • Produce- local, regional, and non-local organic fruits and vegetables with some overlap with grocery store offerings
  • Organic Harvest Bakery- baked goods provided by a club family who has a certified kitchen including sourdough bread, pies, rolls, cookies, and more
  • Butter and Cheese- various butter and 100% grass-fed raw milk cheeses available

Once you visit the club in person and see the items on hand, ordering from the database is much easier.

In addition, there are two large companies, Frontier and Azure Standard, from which we order on a recurring basis (weekly for Frontier or monthly for Azure).  Between these two companies, hundreds of thousands of items are available to club members.

Other sources listed represent occasional large orders that happen a few times a year, such as bulk nut butter orders (2-3 times per year), bulk salt orders, seasonal beef (four to six orders per year), lamb, and poultry orders, etc.

There is no minimum order requirement each week, and you are not required to order each week.  However, members are encouraged to make regular and consistent orders as much as possible as our local farmers who supply many items depend on us each week.