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If we have not yet met or communicated with you, we will contact you via phone, e-mail, or both. Once we hear from you, your account will be approved

The first time you log in, you will be prompted to electronically sign the Member Agreement.

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You will then able to place orders and receive e-mail communication. Be sure to add to your address book so that messages don’t go to spam (or to the promotions tab for Gmail users).


Whole Life is not a store, and members order items with their own funds. Therefore, every member is required to keep funds in an account with the club with a balance of at least $150. New members have up to 12 weeks to fully fund their account. You may place funds into your account electronically, or in person via cash or check.

Member fees are $12 per year. Please see the Member Agreement for additional details on club fees and required deposits.

If a member moves or decides to leave WLBC, the remaining balance in their account can be redeemed via items at the club and or refunded per the Member Agreement.