John Moody

After a lifetime of eating processed foods left John with allergies, cavities, and eventually ulcers, John turned to real food and healed himself in under a year.  A well known writer, researcher, and speaker on food, health, and farming across the United States, John enjoys coming back to WLBC and the community that gave him so many opportunities.

John has extensive experience in food, farming, and health, speaking across the nation at top conferences on a wide range of subjects and writing for multiple websites, journals, and magazines.  He brings a wealth of experience and understanding about food, farming, and the future of both and their effects on the folks he cares for so deeply at WLBC.

John, Jessica, and their kids live on Some Small Farm, which supplies some of the wonderful foods members of WLBC enjoy each week. You’ll often see his older children, Abby and Caleb, helping at WLBC on Wednesdays.

Visit John’s website.

Kane Holbrook

Kane Holbrook is one of the members of the “admin team” that you will see every week at WLBC. In addition to assisting in overall club operations, Kane also sources all the delicious meat for the club: pork, chicken, beef, bison, and more!

Kane has been deeply committed to the local, sustainable food scene in Louisville for over 10 years.  He was an active member of the buying club before becoming an admin.  Kane loves helping connect small farmers with families in the Louisville area.  Kane is a micro-entrepreneur, helping small producers market to online audiences

Kane and his wife, Lyssa, have four children and live in Louisville.