WLBC is something unique in local food. We are not a shop or store that sells things. We are a community that connects you to the food you want. As a private, membership-based association, members use their own funds to make purchases. Whole Life is unique, because Whole Life is you, its members.

Whole Life came about because a bunch of average folks and families in Louisville wanted real food and real relationships with those that provided it, both for the health of their families and the health of our nation. So we came together and started the buying club. A handful of families became a dozen, that became a few dozen, that now consists of our community. Hundreds of folks and families in and around Louisville who love our farmers and real food and affordable prices.

We work directly with a wide array of local and regional farms and national and international suppliers to access affordable, amazing foods that are fairly raised and traded from farmers and suppliers who are fairly compensated. Our farmers are top notch in terms of pasture-based, non-gmo, sustainable, regenerative, and more. Our members will tell you, you can see and taste the difference. Best of all, because of our model, our farmers and suppliers receive over 80 cents on the dollar of what members spend! We work hard to keep administrative and overhead costs low so that more of your money can go to the people who produce your food.

This is Whole Life.