WLBC sets the standard for sustainable, local food. We work with a number of local and regional farmers, artisans, and companies to source the very best items for our members. Below are just some of the many local and regional sources you will find at WLBC:

  • The Apple Works Orchard
  • Dutch Creek Farm
  • Marksbury Farm Market
  • Some Small Farm
  • Earthy Browns
  • Groce Family Farm
  • Brightly Green
  • Fermenti Artisan
  • Sunergos
  • Elixir Kombucha
  • Woodland Farms
  • Misty Hollow Dairy
  • Gunthorp Farms

But we are not limited to just the local. We also source a variety of food and other items from trusted national companies. Here is a small sampling:

  • Foods: Equal Exchange, Once Again NutButter, Eden Foods, Coconut Secret, Frontier, Indy Produce, Yum Earth, Real Salt, US Wellness, Organic Prairie, Organic Valley, Meadow Valley
  • Bulk items: Seeds, nuts, grains, beans, flours, herbs, spices, salt, sweeteners, dried fruit
  • Personal Care: Redmond Clay, Dr. Ron’s, Tropical Traditions, Hopewell Essential Oils
  • Household: New Wave Enviro, BioKleen, Benefect, Seventh Generation, Ball Jars, Ecover
  • Frontier Natural Foods Co-op and Azure Standard’s tens of thousands of products

WLBC members have access to hundreds of thousands of items. The best of local and the best of beyond. All in one place.