Contacting Admin Team

Text/Voicemail: (502) 338-6050

Telegram or Other Social Media Channels

  • Members are highly encouraged to join the club’s Telegram group to stay up to date on important information.
  • Members who take part in the member group, agree to only posting that which could be beneficial to all members. Account issues or personal account questions for admin need to be sent to the admin team directly by way of email or text/voicemail listed at bottom of page.
  • Using club socials in a way that the admin team deems contrary to the purpose and nature of WLBC will result in a member losing access to group posting and discussions.
  • The club social media channels exist to encourage members, feature our farmers and other suppliers, and provide a place for members to have productive discussions and ask questions.
  • Members need to use member channels in accordance with the spirit and purpose of the buying club – encouraging supporting local, sustainable, regenerative agriculture, holistic and natural health, and hardworking farmers.

Participating in Large Group Orders

  • Members have the option to take part in group orders such as Frontier, Azure Standard, Bulk Apples, Nut Butter, Grain Order, Bulk Citrus, etc.
  • When a member takes part in a group order, member agrees to pay for orders in excess of $100 before the order arrives for pickup.
  • Once admin receive a group order it will be sorted. We will label your order with your name and the date received and then your account will be charged.
  • Members shall make arrangements to pick up their order as soon as possible. Please note the following pick up guidelines:
    • Members have ONE MONTH to pick up their order.
    • After a month, member will incur a 20% holding fee.
    • After two months, member forfeits order.
  • If a member has an extenuating circumstance, contact an admin for accommodations.

Dairy Pick-Up

When a member pre-orders dairy but cannot make it to pick up, member has 2 options:

  1. Member shall offer dairy order to other members on Telegram or Facebook for purchase. If another members agrees to purchase, member shall receive credit for dairy order.
  2. Member shall have a friend or family member pick up the dairy order in their place.

Whole Life Buying Club is NOT responsible for moving your dairy order to another member.

Recurring Orders

  • Members who participate in using the reoccurring order feature on the website are financially responsible for all items orders.
  • Members should frequently verify that their reoccurring order meets their needs and adjust as necessary.

Spring Water Pick-Up

  • When a member pre-orders spring water but cannot make it to pick up, member will receive a refund and water will stay in club stock.
  • Spring water is not to be moved to another member. It is exclusively pre-order only.