The Whole Life Buying Club (WLBC) is made up of people just like you in Louisville and surrounding areas. Our club is a community of hundreds of people, with over two dozen local farmers helping feed both our members and our local community. Additionally, two dozen larger companies supply us with thousands of nonlocal goods.

What is Whole Life Buying Club?

WLBC works closely with local farmers and cottage industries to build an economy where real people care for the land and resources while providing real products at real prices (prices that reflect the true value and production costs) to real people like you. We support the pursuit of local, sustainable, ecologically sound farming, communities, and economies.

Members of the club have access to the best in local and regional foods, like raw milk cheeses, pastured meats and eggs from GMO-free animals, as well as honey and both local and organic produce. Members can access thousands of additional items through the club’s relationship with various distributors, covering a range of everyday items – cooking oils, laundry detergent, spices, nut butters, vinegars, and numerous other household and kitchen supplies.

How does membership work?

Each member/member family is an integral part of the club’s community and mission. All members are co-investors in the club, keeping an account with $100-150 to provide the money needed to place their orders. Annual Membership dues are $20 and also include the cost of our affiliate membership with the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, which is working to protect people’s right to choose what they eat and how it is grown and processed.

Members are asked to volunteer a few times per year for a few hours to help sort orders, clean the room, and otherwise help out with whatever the club’s current needs are. Members enjoy multiple days and hours to pick up their orders.

Interested in joining?

A current member is your best source for understanding how the food buying club works. If you are interested in joining,submit this form. We look forward to hearing from you!